Health and Safety Policy

At ACTenviro, the health and safety of our employees and our workplace are an essential priority and we are committed to a standard of excellence as an environmental, health and safety leader. We affirm to our employees, customers and the public that we always conduct our business activities in a manner which is protective of human health, safety and the environment. As a result, we are committed to a goal of zero workplace injuries and illnesses. To achieve our goals, the cooperation and participation of ALL employees is imperative. In order to accomplish this, we follow these mandates:

  • We manage and operate in a manner consistent with our core values to protect the health and safety of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, subcontractors and the public.
  • We plan work on the principle of “safety first,” to pursue the goal of no harm to people or the environment, as we believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable.
  • We are always prepared to respond to emergencies.
  • We empower all employees to stand down and stop work on any activity that they deem unsafe until their concerns have been reviewed and addressed and the activity has been deemed safe to continue.
  • We conduct our business with respect and care as an environmentally-responsible neighbor in the communities where we operate. We conduct our operations in a manner that prevents pollution and conserves natural resources, by pursuing all available repurposing, reuse, recycling, reclamation, waste minimization and source reduction opportunities.
  • We work to ensure that all of our activities are conducted to comply with health, safety and environmental laws and regulations and we make every effort to exceed those standards.
  • We maintain and operate all our facilities and transportation equipment so they are safe, secure, acceptable to local communities and protective of the environment.
  • We provide leadership to assist our local communities in improving their emergency preparedness.
  • We are committed to the continual improvement of our safety program. Any and all incidents are managed to at the highest levels, with resulting changes to policies and practices communicated company-wide.
  • We ensure that every employee, contractor, or subcontractor on ACT premises or projects is accountable and responsible for adhering to this commitment and to complying with the all health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. Safety first in everything we do!